Salma Hayek Promotes New Film At Berlinale, City's Annual Film Festival (PHOTOS)

02/17/2012 05:35 pm ET

Salma Hayek is in Berlin this week promoting her new movie at the city’s annual film festival, Berlinale.

The Spanish-language film “La Chispa De La Vida,” or “As Luck Would Have It,” follows an unemployed advertising executive (Jose Mota) as he looks for work, ultimately becoming the focal point of media attention when he falls into a precarious situation. Hayek plays the encouraging wife who is horrified when she discovers the media circus that surrounds her husband.

Hayek walked the red carpet at the festival alongside her costars — one of which is much taller than the 5-foot-2-inch actress. Caroline Herrera Bang towered over Hayek, effectively dwarfing her, as The Daily Mail reports. (See the photo in the slideshow below).

But the Mexican-born actress certainly makes up for her short stature with her performance in the film, receiving much praise for her role. Variety called her “the real standout” for her depiction of the character’s internal conflict, while The Hollywood Reporter dubbed her the "saving grace" of the film.

Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, the film premiered in Spain in January. Hopefully, "La Chispa" will make its way across the globe so Hollywood can evaluate Hayek’s performance.

Salma Hayek At The Berlin Film Festival