02/17/2012 06:33 pm ET

Orccon 2012: The Art Of Gaming

As some of you might know, especially if you live in southern California, Orccon 2012 is this Presidents Day weekend. Beginning today and running until February 20, this gaming convention offers a whole lot of games for red-blooded men and women who enjoy role playing. You can even check out games at the Strategicon library! The guest of honor this year is Dirk Henn, who is responsible for such classics as the Stimmt So!, Wallenstein/Shogun, Showmanager/Atlantic Star, Granada, Tomboctou, and Alhambra. Does this mean anything to you, nerds? We certainly hope it does!

Here's tough-guy Vin Diesel talking about our favorite role-playing game, the mighty Dungeons & Dragons:

And below HuffPost Arts took photos of some games on display at this year's convention. Let us know what you think of "the art of the game" in the comments section. Also, if you have a guilty gaming pleasure, we want to know about it!

the art of gaming


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