02/17/2012 06:13 am ET | Updated Apr 18, 2012

'Up All Night': Alanis Morissette Plays Ava's Former Hip-Hop Bandmate (VIDEO)

Alanis Morissette made a name for herself in the world of alternative music in the 1990s. But it was an entirely different genre she represented on "Up All Night" (Thu., 9:30 p.m. EST on NBC). In one of Ava's many past vocations, she was part of a popular hip-hop duo with Morissette. The two have stayed close, and so Ava became ordained as a minister and flew off to officiate her old pal's wedding.

The reunion was going great, until Kevin innocently mentioned being a huge fan of their music, and one song in particular. Apparently, they were the "Lennon and McCartney" of hip-hop, penning all their songs together. Except that there was a dispute about who wrote that particular song and they vowed they would never perform it again. So of course it was going to be performed at the wedding ... and the explicit version.

While the wedding was going down, and Kevin and Ava were coming to terms with their own feelings about ever getting married, Reagan and Chris were dealing with the stresses of their last-minute decision to fly with Amy to the wedding. Babies and airplanes don't mix well, and as it turns out, airports and Reagan under stress don't mix well either. She basically used every wrong word you can think of with airport security, and got the two of them subjected to the private search service.

Luckily, they made it in time to catch the wedding and the reunion performance. Thankfully, Amy isn't talking yet or she would have picked up some spicy language to take back home with her from that number.

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Check out the full performance of "Back It Up (Beep Beep)" here (NOTE: Keep watching through fade to black as it continues under the closing credits):