02/20/2012 11:20 am ET

Michael Harper Sentenced For Urinating On Transformer, Knocking Out Electricity To 2000 UK Homes

This guy was no whiz kid.

A heroin user was sentenced to a year in prison after he tried to rob a UK power station last year, only to suffer severe injuries when he urinated on a transformer, according to

Michael Harper, 36, suffered serious burns in the blast which knocked out power to some 2,000 homes and caused $42,000 in damage to businesses in March, FOX reported.

The Leicester father of two was left for dead by his 50-year-old accomplice, Richard Boyce, who tried to drive away but was found later with burnt hands. Harper sustained burns to his body and face, but survived.

The two had reportedly broken into the power station to steal metal and take heroin.

An English judge sentenced Boyce to four years in jail, but reduced Harper's sentence to one year because of his medical ordeal.

Harper had "suffered a punishment, it seems to me, already," Judge Michael Stephens told Harper in court. "You were seriously injured and very nearly lost your life, and will be permanently disfigured."


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