Who said cats and dogs can't get along? Well we found plenty of evidence of the contrary on YouTube. Not only are these animal friends heartwarming, but they also teach us an important lesson about being nice to one another. Or something like that. It's just cute.

Take a look at our 13 favorite videos of cats and dogs hanging out, cuddling, wrestling, and doing other animal-friend stuff. Don't forget to vote for your favorite cat and dog duos!

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  • Carpet Cuddle

    Looks cozy.

  • Friend Grooming

    Taking care of each other.

  • Face Hug

    And an ear cleaning.

  • Kitten Friend

    They're ok hanging out with each other while the other cats play.

  • A Big New Friend

    Spots, no spots. It's cool.

  • Puppy Hug


  • Puppy Bath

    I think you've got something in your ear.

  • Nap Time

    There's plenty of room in that bed.

  • Massage

    Let me just get those knots in your shoulders out.

  • Sleepy Friends

    Exhausted after a day of hanging out.

  • Very Affectionate

    That puppy's fur does look pretty warm.

  • Laying Around The House

    A playful cuddle.

  • Cuddle

    Shhhh. She's sleeping.

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