Regis Philbin Plans To Give Up Sleeping Pill For Lent (VIDEO)

02/21/2012 04:47 pm ET | Updated Feb 21, 2012

Regis Philbin appeared on CBS' "The Talk" on Tuesday and revealed his rather surprising plans for Lent.

During a festive Mardi-Gras themed show in honor of Fat Tuesday, host Julie Chen described the day as the "last hurrah before Lent, where Christians have to give up something important for forty days."

When asked what he planned to give up, Philbin disclosed that he has been taking a sleeping pill for the past few months. "And I don't want to take that," Philbin said. "But I lay in bed and, honest to God, the pill is calling me. 'Regis, take me. Take me.' And I feel compelled to get up and take that pill."

He added, "I feel compelled to give that up." "Talk" co-host Sharon Osbourne agreed, "Yes, throw it away!"



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