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Balancing Surfboard On Chin Gets Canadian Balance King Doug McManaman A World Record (VIDEO)

HuffPost Weird News   First Posted: 02/22/2012 9:53 am Updated: 02/22/2012 9:53 am

In life, it's important to have balance.

Perhaps no one has taken that phrase to heart or more literally than Canadian Doug McManaman.

He has set more than 436 world records with, many of them for balancing things like a 22-pound vacuum on his chin, and a bowling ball, hockey puck and golf club on his head at the same time.

McManaman, 68, a resident of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, currently holds 340 records including his most recent one: Longest Time To Balance A Surfboard On Chin While Standing, which he did for 51.47 seconds.

It's possible McManaman has balanced everything on his head, but the kitchen sink -- except he did that trick back in 2008.

"I first noticed my ability when I was 12," he told HuffPost Weird News. "I was able to balance baseball bats on my finger."

It took former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau to make McManaman take his balancing act seriously.

"I never did anything with my ability until I saw a photo of Trudeau balancing a golf club on his chin," McManaman said. "I did it with a golf ball on top of the club."

From there, he has worked his way through various feats, but says his hardest stunt was the time he balanced four clubs on his chin at once.

"Golf clubs are round and it makes it harder for them to balance on something," he explained.

Although McManaman calls himself the Balance King, not every record he holds involves balancing something.

He also holds offbeat records like Most Grapes Detached From Stem In One Minute (121), Most Nails Picked Up From A Bucket Using A Magnet (65), and Longest Distance To Shoot A Rubber Band Using Only Hands (427 feet).

McManaman says he won't stop until he gets 500 world records under his belt, and often sets many records in a single day using, an adjudicating agency that has earned a niche in the competitive world record recording business by allowing people to submit their own wacky world records for consideration.

He has tried getting the attention of Guinness World Records, but says he was confounded by "the red tape and bureaucracy" he says was required to get a record considered.

Very few people own one world record, much less 340, but, amazingly, McManaman's number of world records is only the second most in Recordsetter history.

Juggler Brian Pankey is No. 1 with 2,140, including Most Starbursts Held In One Hand (118) and Most Hats Put On In Fifteen Seconds (17).

Still, spokesman Dan Rollman says McManaman has a special place in his heart.

"Whenever one of his records comes in, our team likes to gather around to check out his newest feat," Rollman told HuffPost Weird News. "He's one of my favorite Canadians ever, right up there with Wayne Gretzky, John Candy, Joni Mitchell and the cast of 'Degrassi Junior High.'"

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