02/22/2012 05:53 pm ET

Hollywood High School: Latino Population Dominates Student Body (PHOTOS)

The faces may change, but the surrounding stays the same at Hollywood High School.

The Los Angeles school, known as Hollywood High, has educated some of the late -- and current -- greats in the entertainment industry. But today, a vast majority of the student body is composed of Latinos.

According to a Los Angeles Unified School District report, 1,216 Hispanic students out of 1,716 students attended Hollywood High during the 2009-2010 school year. This ratio is actually down from past years in which Latino students encompassed 71.1 (2008-09), 75.1 (2007-08) and 73.9 percent (2006-07) of the school.

School officials chalk this up to the transformation of the surrounding area, since waves of immigration have flooded nearby neighborhoods over the past 30 years, CNN reports.

Yet, despite the change in diversity, the memory of Hollywood High remains very much the same.

See the slideshow below for a look back at Hollywood High and the stars who once matriculated there.

Hollywood High School