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Pancake Stacking World Record Reaches Nearly 2.5 Feet High Thanks To Australia's Andy Wrobel

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Bai Xue, Xinhua /
Bai Xue, Xinhua /

Life is just a little bit sweeter today for Andy Wrobel.

After previous failed attempts, Wrobel finally can taste victory as the man who owns the world record for pancake stacking.

Wrobel battered his way into the Guinness World Records on Shrove Tuesday by stacking a whopping 60 pancakes on top of each other for a stack that ultimately measured 76 cm (2.49 feet), according to

The world record stack eventually collapsed, but, luckily, not before adjudicators could confirm that it broke the previous record of 74 cm (2.42 feet) set in Croatia in 2008.

The victory was especially sweet for Wrobel, who whips up hundreds of pancakes a day at a Melbourne restaurant called the Pancake Parlour. This marks his second attempt at the record, according to


"We tried last year and we got to 61 centimetres and did pretty well," he said."We thought we'd give it another go, and this year we actually did it."

But achieving greatness, whether it's on an athletic field or a stovetop takes serious, concentrated effort.

"We had a lot of practices, spent about 50 hours, probably used another quarter of a ton of buckwheat mix, and we finally got to the point where we needed to go," he said.

In many parts of the world, pancakes are commonly eaten on "Shrove" or "Fat" Tuesday, which is when many Catholics eat up all their rich foods before the beginning of Lent. As a result, the day is known as "Pancake Day" in British Commonwealth countries like Scotland, England, Canada and Australia.

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