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Arizona Restaurant Names Burrito After Border Patrol Agents

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Flickr: jeffreyw
Flickr: jeffreyw

Tacho's Tacos in Arizona added a new item to its menu to better accommodate the majority of its clientele: the border patrol burrito.

Situated four miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, the restaurant has seen an influx of border patrol agents of late, as more and more patrolmen and contract employees have relocated to the Tucson area.

The border patrol burrito, or BPB for short, is one of the more expensive burritos on the menu at $4.95.

According to a Univision report, 17,000 of 20,000 patrol agents are deployed at the border. New Mexico will soon be home to another U.S. Border Patrol outpost, while Arizona is working to pass a bill that would create and fund a volunteer militia to increase the number of patrolmen on the border.

Though the influx of patrolmen has brought more uniformed force to the area, it has also contributed positively to local businesses like Tachos' Tacos.

"We also see them at the end of the day at the supermarket, buying groceries, and we see them renting a hour or staying at a hotel," Felipe Garcia, vice president of community affairs and Mexico marketing, told Univision. "They’re leaving money in this economy."

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