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Michele Bachmann-Critic Tim Pawlenty Endorses Michele Bachmann For Re-Election

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In your "Where Are They Now: 2012 Also-Rans Edition" update of the day, we have two Minnesotans, Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann, falling into a cuddle-puddle now that their battles on the campaign trail have concluded.

If you cast your mind way, waaay back, you might recall that Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor, was a presidential aspirant up until Aug. 14 -- the day after Bachmann, current Minnesota representative, bested him in the Ames Straw Poll. Bachmann would go on to take the momentum she garnered from her Ames win...uh -- nowhere in particular, actually. Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumped into the race the same day, stole her thunder and her support, and then...well, he also went nowhere.

Anyway, there's apparently no hard feelings between Pawlenty and Bachmann, because today, he got behind her re-election bid for the House. The Hill's Alicia Cohn has the story:

“I am thrilled to accept the endorsement of Gov. Tim Pawlenty in my race for reelection to Congress,” Bachmann said in a statement released by her office. “Gov. Pawlenty and I will work together to make Minnesota ‘red’ in 2012.”

I can't wait to hear Pawlenty backing her bid on the trail. I'm picturing the inevitable ad copy now: "She and I have fought for many of the same issues, we have fought the same fights...But she hasn’t won. I have.” Or maybe: "I respect Congresswoman Bachmann, but her comments, I think, were consistent with her pattern of being inaccurate and off the mark." And don't forget: “I like Congresswoman Bachmann. I’ve campaigned for her. I respect her. But her record of accomplishment in Congress is non-existent.”

Followed by, "I'm Michele Bachmann and I approve this message, for some reason."

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