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Obama Reelection Campaign Places Auto Bailout Ads On Detroit's Two Main News Sites

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President Obama's reelection campaign is blanketing the homepages of Detroit's two major newspapers with ads touting the successes of the auto industry bailout.

Obama For America has put up ads on the websites of the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, with a tag that lets people "get the facts" about the auto recovery and a drop-down feature that produces charts that explain the benefits of the bailout. Below are those appearing on the Free Press:

OFA has done this type of thing before. But the ads it purchased on the homepage of the Des Moines Register and the New Hampshire Union Leader both came on the day of the actual primary.

The campaign is already running a small number of television ads in Michigan touting the auto bailout. The web ads may be a sign of how much they view the bailout as a winning issue in the Wolverine State.


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