02/27/2012 09:01 am ET

Oscars 2012: Twitter Reactions From Women

As HuffPost Parents' assistant editor Jessica Samakow asked on Twitter during the Oscars 2012 broadcast,

Well, exactly. For anyone who enjoys 140-character commentary, Twitter reactions have added an extra dimension to watching the Academy Awards, not to mention the other award shows throughout January and February that precede it. If the 84th Oscars broadcast disappointed in some ways, the Twittersphere didn't, especially, if we may say so, the Lady Tweeters we follow. From E!'s red carpet coverage throughout a show that seemed to stretched endlessly into the night, our feeds filled with thoughtful, sometimes hilarious, usually spot on tweets from women watching (and some of our favorite media outlets). Here are the tweets we enjoyed most.

SLIDESHOW: Top Oscar Tweets From Women (And A Few Others)


Oscars 2012: Twitter Reactions From Women
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