03/03/2012 11:56 am ET | Updated Apr 06, 2012

Celebrities We Thought Were Latino, But Aren't

Jennifer Esposito played the role of a detective named Ria in the Oscar-winning film "Crash" and we actually believed that she was Latina for a second. When Linsday Hartley starred as doctor Cara Castillo in "All My Children", we were convinced she was one of us.

We've seen them play Latino characters on TV, we've seen them on the big screen, we've seen them on reality TV -- and all along we thought there was a part of them, even an eensy weensy part, that was warm blooded. In contrast to these celebrities who surprised us with their Hispanic heritage, the following convinced us that they had some Latino in them. But we were wrong.

From German to Filipino, to Italian and Irish, these celebrities come from diverse backgrounds with definitely no Hispanic heritage in the mix.

Check out these celebrities we thought were Latino. Did they fool you too?

Celebrities We Thought Were Latino

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