Will Ferrell Gives Spanish-Language Interview On 'Despierta America,' Asks For Arepas (VIDEO)

02/28/2012 01:21 pm ET | Updated Feb 28, 2012

Will Ferrell can make us laugh. In English and in Spanish (and when singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, etc.).

During last Sunday's Academy Awards we re-discovered Ferrell's musical talent as he stepped out with Zack Galifiankis in matching-white tuxedos, banging cymbals as they presented Bret McKenzie with the Oscar for Best Song.

But a talent we were less aware of was Ferrell's ability to speak Spanish. Or his appreciation for Venezuelan breakfast food for that matter.

In this clip from Univision's "Despierta America" morning show, funny man Ferrell says, in pretty flawless Spanish, that he wants to eat arepas.

Although the comedy star at first seems awkward, sitting quietly and blending into the background while the hosts and guests talk in rapid-fire Spanish all around him, he doesn't hesitate when it's his turn to comment on the traditional Venezuelan dish.

"Ohh, arepa, comida de desayuno" ("Ohh, arepa, breakfast food"), he says when one of the hosts asks him if he has tried the dish before.

When he's asked if he likes arepas, Ferrell does not beat around the bush and responds with an affirmative and very simple "Yo quiero arepa" ("I want arepas").


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