03/01/2012 01:40 pm ET

Crop Irrigation Turned Into Incredible Stop Motion Art (VIDEO)

Centre pivot irrigation is integral to agriculture and crop survival in the Southwest. To Gerco de Ruijter, they are art.

The Belgian artist and photographer strung together 1,000 Google Map aerial shots of crop circles in a three-minute video titled "Crops." The result is a sort of stop-motion profile of the agricultural invention.

Haunting music scored by Michel Banabila ticks along with each shift of image, giving heightened awareness to the geographic intricacies of each of the systems. At a few points in the video, the water-sprinkler arms rotate in a clockwise direction like a tracking of time.

Ruijter is known for his extrapolation of landscapes in aerial photography, from capturing the geometrical patterns in tree farms to attaching a camera to a pigeon to observe an urban landscape.

Watch below for "Crops":

Crops (Gerco de Ruijter) from Michel Banabila on Vimeo.


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