House Passes 'Florida Fair Foreclosure Act'; HB 213 Would Speed More Homes Through Foreclosure Process

03/01/2012 06:58 am ET | Updated May 01, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Florida House has passed a hotly-contested measure aimed at speeding more properties through the mortgage foreclosure process.

The bill (HB 213) passed Wednesday by a vote of 94-17.

Proponents want to cut down on the backlog of Florida's foreclosure cases but critics say a speedier process will be unfair to people about to lose their homes.

The measure also has consumer-friendly provisions. It shortens to one year the time for a bank to go after any balance owed after the foreclosure sale of an owner-occupied home.

Backers say the bill is directed at homes that have been abandoned or where the property owner has no valid defense.

A companion bill (SB 1890) is in the Senate.


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