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This Month In Food Magazines: A Round-Up Of March Issues

Posted: 03/ 1/2012 8:12 am

In previous iterations of our monthly food magazine round-ups, we've noticed various themes across several magazines. For March, this is not the case. The magazines are profoundly different, ranging from an entire issue devoted to chocolate (it's a really good one) to articles about snakeheads, bones and layer cakes. It's a rich crop, so click below to learn more:

Bon Appetit
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We'll pretty much do whatever Jim Lahey tells us when it comes to dough, so his pizza on the cover is looking mighty tasty.

Don't Miss: Actually a lot of the recipes are looking mighty tasty, such as the black sesame-pear tea cake and every single dish in the awesome modern comforts feature (but do we really need another recipe for brussels sprouts with bacon?). What to do if David Chang tells you he's coming over for dinner? It's no sweat, for Rene Redzepi that is.

Last Call: The list of 2012 Tastemakers is not to be missed -- we bet you'll learn a few names you haven't heard of.

Read Bon Appetit's March issue here.


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