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DePaul Students Occupy President's Office To Protest Tuition Hike

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Occupy protestors at a sit-in demonstration in Chicago's City Hall earlier this year.
Occupy protestors at a sit-in demonstration in Chicago's City Hall earlier this year.

Between 15 and 20 students marched to DePaul University President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider's office Thursday night, then occupied the building, to express their objection to a proposed tuition hike for incoming freshmen and current students next year.

DePaul plans to raise tuition for current students by 2.2 percent next year, and will charge incoming freshmen 5 percent more to attend than the previous class, according to The Depaulia, the school's student newspaper. The increases will be put to a vote March 3, but protesters are asking the university to postpone the vote, and hold a public forum before finalizing their decision.

"Student debt is the largest debt bubble in the nation and we refuse to serve the interests of the 1% as we get buried under ever increasing fees," the group, called Occupy DePaul, wrote in a post on their Facebook page promoting the demonstration.

The DePaul demonstration was part of a National Day of Action for Education, according to a press release from the Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education (CACHE).

The students marched to the president's office around 3 p.m., and eventually met with Holtschneider for about a half-hour to discuss their concerns, ABC Chicago reports. A sit-in based in a nearby conference room lasted until about 9 p.m.

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