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DNC Hits Mitt Romney For Earmark Hypocrisy

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The DNC came out with a new web ad on Friday afternoon going after Mitt Romney for his hypocrisy on federal spending and earmarks.

The ad is heavily based on an ABC news report uncovering a video presentation Romney made in 2002, in which he proudly boasted about both his connections in Washington and his capacity to secure federal dollars.

Those positions, of course, are in direct opposition to what the former Massachusetts governor is now arguing on the campaign trail, mainly while criticizing former Sen. Rick Santorum for his reliance on earmarks while in office.

Santorum's presidential campaign has already pushed back at Romney over the matter. But it's telling that the DNC, not Santorum, is responsible for the web ad. The latter lacks the resources necessary to turn a report like the one ABC aired into a daylong headache for the Romney campaign.

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