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Marriage In The World: Test Your Knowledge Of Marriage Laws Worldwide

The Huffington Post   Jennifer Lai First Posted: 03/ 8/2012 11:59 am Updated: 03/ 8/2012 3:23 pm

Planning on getting hitched abroad?

Then you might want to know which country shuns religious ceremonies, or which requires you to live there for 40 consecutive days before saying "I do."

We've put together a list of the world's quirkiest, most surprising facts about tying the knot.

Click through the slideshow below to challenge your knowledge of marriage laws around the world.

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  • QUESTION: Which country requires a newspaper notice of intent to marry in order to obtain a marriage license?

    A) Morocco B) Poland C) China D) Greece

  • ANSWER: Greece

    To obtain <a href="" target="_hplink">a marriage license in Greece</a>, a copy of a newspaper notice of intent to marry is required. The notice must be published in the local Greek newspaper where the marriage will take place. If there is no local newspaper in the area, the notice can be posted at the local community office or city hall.

  • QUESTION: In which country are religious marriages not recognized by the government?

    A) Spain B) Turkey C) Sweden D) Singapore

  • ANSWER: Turkey

    Only <a href="" target="_hplink">civil marriages are legal</a> in Turkey. Religious marriages may take place only after the civil ceremony is performed by a marriage officer.

  • QUESTION: Where can US citizens participate in free weekly marriage ceremonies?

    A) Puerto Rico B) Canada C) Mexico D) Australia

  • ANSWER: Puerto Rico

    Judicial centers in Puerto Rico <a href="" target="_hplink">hold free weekly marriage ceremonies</a> for US citizens.

  • QUESTION: Which country requires that the bride or groom live in the country for a minimum of 40 consecutive days before getting married?

    A) The Philippines B) France C) Japan D) Russia

  • ANSWER: France

    One partner must live in France <a href="" target="_hplink">for at least 40 days</a> before the couple can be married. This is a required step in the process and cannot be waived under any circumstance.

  • QUESTION: In which country must the couple post an announcement of their intent to marry on the door of a town hall for 10 days before tying the knot?

    A) Poland B) Hong Kong C) France D) Monaco

  • Answer: Monaco

    Intent to marry in Monaco must be announced. The bride and groom <a href="" target="_hplink">must post the announcement</a> of the marriage on the door of the Monaco Town Hall for 10 days, and the 10-day period must include two Sundays.

  • QUESTION: Which country requires you to take a blood test, get X-rays and provide a doctor's note dated at least 15 days before the wedding in order to get married?

    A) Mexico B) Canada C) Russia D) Jamaica

  • Answer: Mexico

    Couples <a href="" target="_hplink">marrying in Mexico</a> must take a blood test, get X-rays and provide a certificate from a physician dated 15 days before the marriage. In addition to that, couples are required to take tests for HIV, VDRL (syphilis) and blood type. The exams must take place in Mexico.

  • QUESTION: In which country are same-sex marriages legal?

    A) Singapore B) Ireland C) Sweden D) Jamaica

  • ANSWER: Sweden

    Same-sex marriages <a href="" target="_hplink">have been legal</a> in Sweden since 2009.