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Reggie Love Asks African-American Voters To Support Obama In 2012

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Reggie Love, Barack Obama's former personal aide, has released a video urging African-American voters to join him in supporting Obama's reelection efforts.

"I've done everything from tracking down newspapers, figuring out what he wants to eat, who he's going to eat with and played endless amounts of basketball games," Love says in the video. "From cutting taxes to passing health care to supporting minority-owned business, the president has always had our back."

Love, who spent six years working for the president, announced in November he was leaving his job at the end of 2011. He's since shared details of his time at the White House, including Obama's best style tip and what he says is Obama's most annoying habit -- leaving the air conditioning off during long summertime car rides.

Watch Reggie Love's video above.

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