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Washington Caucus 2012: Republican Candidates Face Off In Last Race Ahead Of Super Tuesday

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The GOP presidential candidates will face off in Washington in the last caucus ahead of Super Tuesday.
The GOP presidential candidates will face off in Washington in the last caucus ahead of Super Tuesday.

-- A profile of Washington state, site of a Republican presidential caucus on Saturday:


Population: 6,830,038


Median age: 37.3

Percentage of population 65 and over: 12.3

Percentage of population 85 and over: 1.7


77.3 percent white, 11.2 percent Hispanic or Latino origin, 7.2 percent Asian, 3.6 percent black, 5.2 percent other, 4.7 percent two or more races, 1.5 percent American Indian.


Language other than English spoken at home: 17.5 percent


High school graduate: 89.6 percent

Bachelor's degree or higher: 31 percent


Median household income: $57,244

People below poverty level: 12.1 percent

Housing units occupied by owners: 63.9 percent

Housing units occupied by renters: 36.1 percent


Barack Obama, 58 percent; John McCain, 40 percent.


3.7 million


_ Washington state is the home of Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Eddie Bauer and Nordstrom's. And while headquarters for Boeing moved to Chicago years ago, Boeing planes are still built in the Evergreen State.

_ Washington state is one of the top export states in the U.S., ranking fifth behind Texas, California, New York and Florida. Aerospace products consistently rank at the top of the state's export list, and more than $27 billion in aerospace products exported last year. It is the largest exporter of cherries in the country to Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China, and is the largest U.S. exporter of apples to Canada, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

_ It is the leading hydro-electric power producer in the nation. Hydro-electric power accounts for nearly three-fourths of state electricity generation, with most of the power coming from the Columbia River.

_ Washington state's minimum wage is $9.04 an hour, the highest of any state in the country.

_ The state is 71,000 square miles, roughly the size of all of New England.

_ It is the only state named for a president.


Sources: 2010 and 2011 U.S. census data, Washington state secretary of state's office, Washington state Department of Commerce.

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