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Eric Cantor: GOP 'Coalescing' Around Mitt Romney

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WASHINGTON -- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Republicans are coalescing around Mitt Romney's candidacy and looking for ways to work together to defeat President Barack Obama.

Cantor, who endorsed Romney over the weekend, said Monday that despite the prolonged GOP presidential primary, Republicans are beginning to set aside their differences and focus on winning back the White House.

Cantor, in a CNN interview, said, "What we're doing is we're coalescing around Mitt Romney's plan to actually address the economic challenges we have."

Cantor said Republicans are trying to find ways to work together and bring people together.

Romney, Cantor said, "is the only person in the race who has ever created a job." He predicted Romney will do well in Tuesday's 10-state Super Tuesday contests.

Cantor said Sunday that he already cast his vote for Romney in Virginia, which holds its primary Tuesday. Only Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) qualified for the Virginia ballot.

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