03/05/2012 12:36 pm ET | Updated Mar 06, 2012

Russia Election 2012: Ballot Box Stuffing Purportedly Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

Despite Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's claim to have won the Russian presidency in an "open and honest battle" last weekend, international watchdogs have found "serious problems" with the election, according to the Associated Press.

Among the string of accusations of violations is ballot-stuffing. In the video above, footage released by the Associated Press appears to show officials feeding stacks of paper into a voting machine.

Putin reportedly won Sunday's election with over 63 percent of the vote. However, Russian independent monitoring group Golos released a report putting votes for Putin at less than 51 percent, according to AFP.

The Associated Press notes that the Russian Central Elections Commission has cancelled the results from the polling station in Dagestan shown in the footage above.


Below, see other accusations of violations from Russia's election last weekend. Captions courtesy of the Associated Press.