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Virginia College Students Share What They Think About The GOP Presidential Candidates (VIDEO)

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To mark Super Tuesday, The Huffington Post teamed up with mtvU in an effort to take the political pulse on college campuses.

We asked Kaz Komolafe, the managing editor of the Cavalier Daily, to interview students at the University of Virginia about the GOP candidates.

UVA students seemed assured of Romney's electability. "It's pretty clear at this point that Romney is going to win," said one student.

However, some student's hearts seemed to be with Ron Paul -- if they were to vote on the Republican ticket.

"I do agree with a lot of Ron Paul's policies," one student said, smiling. "I mean, he does want to legalize marijuana."

Everyone did seem united on one issue: that Newt Gingrich was a pretty questionable person.

"Ditching his wife, or wives plural, is pretty bad -- politically and morally," noted one student.

Watch the video, and go to the College home page for more Super Tuesday coverage on campus!

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