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Coleslaw Wrestling: Biker Babes Tangle In A Roughage-And-Tumble Contest

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For those who like their roughage with a side of smooth moves, one Florida bar's semi-annual coleslaw wrestling competitions aren't hard to stomach at all.

Some 600,000 rough riders are expected to roll into Daytona, Fla., later this week for Bike Week 2012, according to one Florida tourism site, pumping $300 million into the local economy.

Among the cultural activities for motor maniacs and biker babes are wet T-shirt contests and pudding wrestling. But the most unusual activity involves a common picnic condiment -- coleslaw.

At The Cabbage Patch bar, ladies can dig in to coleslaw wrestling.

Naturally, for scientific reasons like advantageous resistance on the slippery surface and the altruistic desire to minimize laundry bills, participants don bikinis to compete. One bartender told The Huffington Post that the grand prize is $500 at the competitions on Wednesday, March 14, or Saturday, March 17.

The bartender also told HuffPost that the competition typically draws 10 to 30 women and is run as a simple double-elimination. There's also no distinction of weight class.

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