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Dennis Foust, Colo. Springs Man, Accused Of Leaving His 87-Year Old Mother Injured On Floor Of Home For 5 Days

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Colo. Springs PD
Colo. Springs PD

Dennis Foust, a 50-year-old Colorado Springs man, has been arrested for allegedly leaving his 87-year-old mother on the floor of her home for at least five days in her own feces and urine, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Police told KRDO that the 87-year-old woman said that she had been left for at least five days, unable to move or care for herself, and her 50-year-old son was present in the residence during the time she was lying on the floor and did not help her.

Police determined that the mother sustained injuries during the days she was on the floor due to her son's negligence and was at a significant risk of death, 7News reports.

However, Martha Daulton, a local neighbor says that Foust should not have been arrested. "Dennis is a very loving and courages son, his mother I guess has claimed that Dennis has neglected her which is not true," Daulton told KKTV.

Police and neighbors have both said that Foust suffers from his own medical issues that prevented him from helping his mother, but police still arrested him because he never called an ambulance.

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