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Kim Kardashian's Best Friend Wants $5,000 Wedding Gift Back From Kris Humphries

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Kim Kardashian just donated twice the value of her wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation, while Kris Humphries refuses to give one gift back.

Kardashian's best friend and publicist, Jonathan Cheban, told TMZ that Humphries never offered to return the $5,000 Yves Saint Laurent gift card he gave to him as a wedding present.

Cheban told the website he was fine with letting Humphries keep the gift card, until Humphries criticized Kardashian for how she's handling the wedding gifts.

The New Jersey Nets forward wasn't okay with Kardashian's decision to follow proper wedding etiquette by keeping the gifts, despite the fact that she donated their $200,000 value to charity.

"Kris has always felt they should return the gifts to the people that spent their money on it," a source told Us Weekly. "Kris respects Kim for donating the money and is happy she's doing it. He 100 percent thinks that is great, but she should give the gifts back."

Cheban told TMZ that as long as Humphries has that YSL card, he's in no place to judge, saying "Kim did the honorable thing."

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