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Apple Event Live: How To Follow The IPad Announcement As It Happens

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UPDATE: That's a wrap, folks! Check out HuffPost Tech for our post-event coverage, including everything you need to know about the new iPad, Apple's latest upgrade to iOS, the newly announced Apple TV update, photos from the event and much, much more.


PREVIOUSLY: Today at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT), Apple execs will kick off an iPad-themed event inside San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

We're expecting the company to take the wraps off its next-generation iPad. Whether it's called the iPad 3, the iPad HD or the iPad T-1000, we hope to see it packing high-end features like a Retina Display and 4G LTE connectivity, as well as slightly beefier specs than its predecessor. As for the form factor, word on the street is that a new iPad won't look too different from the iPad 2, but as we learned from the iPhone 4S, it's what's on the inside that counts.

As is Apple's wont, there will probably some other surprises in store today. Rumors point to an announcement about a new Apple TV, perhaps the unveiling of iOS 5.1 and plenty of other goodies.

Apple won't be providing a live stream of the event, but you can still follow our coverage on HuffPost Tech throughout the day. Various blogs will also be live-blogging the event. You can catch all the up-to-the-minute action by checking out the following live blogs from the event in San Francisco:

Our friends at HuffPost U.K. will also be hosting a live blog of the event. All the latest updates can be found below, as soon as the event starts.

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"Only Apple could deliver this innovation in such a beautiful, easy to use way"


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Tim Cook closes the Apple event saying "This is just the beginning. Expect more of this innovation throughout the year."

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iPad2 will stay on the market. 16 gb 9.

New iPad will range from 9 for 16gb, no 3G up to 9 64gb Wi-Fi and 3G.

Which competitors are bricking it now?

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We can't go on calling it "the new one"

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Apple has packed four times the pixels as other HD devices.

The pixels are elevated onto different planes to make them so small, and stop them interfering with each other.

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Randy Ubillos the chief engineer on iPhoto got to test it in Antarctica. Not jealous. Not jealous at all.

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iPhoto on the new iPad will help you do more with your photos.

It will draw on your photo library. Features multi-touch editing, brushes, beaming between devices.

Photojournals via iCloud will share photos with friends without having to send emails, or load them all into Facebook.

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Apple retains the anachronistic themes with a new iMovie app that looks like an old film theatre.

The interface has a notebook-style outline template to plan your film.

Those who find these old-fashioned design notes tired will be irate.

iMovie will act like a directorial mentor telling you what kind of shots you need, like more close-ups, cut scenes or sweeping shots.

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It's not all fun and gamers, there's plenty of new work apps on the app store from today.

Garageband has a new version with smart strings, note editor. Keep your songs in iCloud and share with jam session.

Create a song with up to 4 other devices over bluetooth for a Garageband jam.

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Sketchbook's new edition on this retina lens is very impressive.

The gaming possibilities are immensely rich.

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The new iPad will be in store from 9 next week.

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iPad is ready to travel, with 4G LTE, dual carrier HSDPA and world-ready 3G.

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Now we're looking at how awesome 4G LTE is.

So, Ofcom, can we have 4G everywhere please?

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The new iPad will pack next generation wireless, 4G and LTE.

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The video has video stabilisation.

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Has 5 mpx camera, IR filter, autofocus, auto white balance.

HD video recording at 1080p.

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Super powerful quadcore next generation A5x chip will power the immense graphic performance of the new iPad.

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3.1 million pixels will feature on a Retina display on the new iPad.

That's 1 million more than your HD TV at home.

264 pixels per inch. Wow.

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Tim compares Twitter running on an Android Samsung pad to the "big beautiful screen" of iPad.

"It looks like a stretched out iPhone app. Because it is!"

He also compares Yelp.

"This is the key reason why the momentum on iPad continues to build and competitor tablets aren't gaining traction."

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The iPad 3 or iPad HD is nearly on the tip of Tim's tongue.

He says it sold more than all PCs combined last year.

Customers overwhelmingly prefer to use iPad than their PC according to Apple.

Apps are "gorgeous and groundbreaking".

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New iOS 5.1 is announced and is available today.

New Apple TV has 1080p high quality viewing.

The new Apple TV interface has all the familiar apps like Netflix, plus will play anything you buy from app store immediately.

Apple TV will automatically synch your photos from photo stream as soon as you've taken them on your other Apple device.

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Tim Cook: The things that make a great post-PC company are things Apple has been about for years.

Uses stores as an example.

"Our stores give the best buying experience"

What do store shoppers think of that?

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The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are revolutionary devices that defines whole new categories, says Tim Cook.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage, talking about the post-PC world.

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View our slideshow to see the 9 big things to watch for at today's iPad event.

What To Expect From Apple's iPad Announcement
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