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In Adorable Baby Monkey vs. Kitten Fight, Everyone's A Winner (VIDEO)

Posted: 03/ 7/2012 1:01 pm

Baby Monkey Vs Kitten

If the Internet has shown us that animals of different species can make the most unlikely friends, a new video trickling out from YouTube today shows they can make even cuter enemies.

In the video, a baby monkey named Darwin wages a playful fight against a kitten named Alley-cat, as the two run around the grounds of The Nile River Camp in Bujagali, Uganda, according to the video clip's description.

Darwin was reportedly abandoned by his mother and was taken in by one of the camp's managers.

Watch the adorable tussle above and a check out a slideshow below of some unlikely animal friendships:

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  • Monkey and Dove

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  • Lion, Tiger and Bear

  • Hippo and Goat

  • Iguana and cat


Filed by Jocelyn Richard  |