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'Fading Gigolo': Woody Allen Eyes Role In John Turturro's Comedy

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At 76-years-old, Woody Allen is about to do something he hasn't done in 12 years: work for someone else.

The avuncular director is in talks to join John Turturro's ("Romance & Cigarettes") indie comedy, "Fading Gigolo." This is stunning news for Allen aficanados; the director hasn't taken an acting gig in someone else's movie in over a decade.

The film itself harkens back to surreal 80s-style Woody, which imagines Turturro and Allen as penniless besties who hatch a scheme to break into the gigolo industry in order to cause a stir in their Hasidic Jewish neighborhood. The pair adopt sexual nom de plumes, Virgil and Bongo, with Turturro playing the main breadwinner and Allen "pimping" him out ( until he falls for a Jewish widow (duh). The lucky lady has yet to be cast (my money's on ScarJo, just cause).

Because this project isn't crazy enough, "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara is also circling the film as a housewife on the prowl for more exciting bedfellows and Sharon Stone is already set to co-star as Allen's dermatologist, who hires Turturro's services. Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte ("The Kids Are All Right") is producing the film with MK2.

Allen most recently won Best Screenplay for his 1920s flight of fancy "Midnight in Paris." He has wrapped production on his Italy-set romcom "Nero Fiddled" with Jesse Eisenberg as the new iteration of Allen. The director will also appear here, the first time he's starred onscreen in one of his own movies since 2006's "Scoop."

After this out-of-character move, it seems that anything is fair game. What's next, Woody? Oscar host?

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