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Newt Gingrich Attacks Rick Santorum In Response To Calls To Exit Race

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Newt Gingrich isn't getting out of the Republican primary. Far from it. On Wednesday afternoon, he responded to calls that he exit the race by sending out a document attacking Rick Santorum, whose campaign has issued calls for him to drop out.

Senator Santorum: Typical Politician

Senator Santorum is a typical politician who played the Washington game. He is a big government, big labor, earmark lover who publicly admits to putting Party over principle when in power. Senator Santorum even endorsed pro-choice Arlen Specter, showing just how far he is willing to cast principle aside to be, as he put it, a “team player.”

Like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama? Thank Senator Santorum. Senator Santorum is the poster child for the big spending, compromised Republican Party the American people rejected in 2006 and 2008.

Now Senator Santorum wants a mulligan after it was his leadership that got us into this mess. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Conservatives won’t get fooled again.

Newt changed the game in Washington (Republican majority, balanced budgets). Senator Santorum played the Washington game (lost majority, deficit spending). As a Party leader, the Senator was willing to go along and get along with the Washington Establishment. He can’t change Washington.

Senator Santorum’s Record

During his career in Washington, Santorum was an aggressive earmarker and supported big government initiatives like No Child Left Behind.

He was a friend of big labor, opposing right to work and consistently supported job killing minimum wage hikes.

He was perfectly willing to go along to get along with the Washington establishment, endorsing Arlen Specter who was the deciding vote on Obamacare, and was one of the many Republicans who were punished in 2006 for their spendthrift ways.

Rick Santorum’s record in Senate leadership is of squandering a budget surplus, $1.6 trillion deficit spending and increasing the national debt by 12% as a percentage of GDP. Today he defends these votes behind convoluted, Senatorial logic that only makes sense in Washington.

Senator Santorum’s Platform

Today, his tax plan features different corporate tax rates for different favored industries -- a lobbyist's dream come true.

He rejects conservative ideas like a flat tax and personal social security accounts out of deference to the Washington establishment’s idea of what is possible and acceptable.

And he has the gall to propose cutting Social Security and Medicare for seniors TODAY to pay for his deficit spending ways as a Senator.


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