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Reggie Love, Obama's Former Body Man, Stars In New Web Ad Aimed At Black Voters

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Reggie Love left the White House in December, but Obama campaign has tapped the president's former personal aide for a new ad aimed at African-American voters.

“Since 2006, I’ve spent a lot of time with our president,” he said. "I got to work in the West Wing, I traveled to 33 countries, I’ve done everything from tracking down newspapers, figuring out what he wants to eat, who he’s going to eat with, and played endless amounts of basketball games.”

Love, who was Obama's deputy political director during his Senate tenure, became the president's "body man" once he entered the White House. He was charged with getting him pens, bringing him the newspaper, bringing him stain removing pens, and famously, serving as Obama's basketball partner. (Love played basketball and football at Duke.)

He stepped down as Obama's right-hand man to get his MBA.

"On paper things looked great, but it wasn't like going skiing on Saturday afternoon," told Westword about his White House grind. "You miss a lot of holidays, vacation time, trips with your friends."

The most recent ABC poll-Washington Post poll put Obama's approval rating at 91 percent, while other polls place the president's standing a little lower. The president overwhelmingly carried the black vote in 2008, with 96 percent of the vote.


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