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Top Five Most Aired Political Ads Of The 2012 Cycle

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Much of the coverage of the Republican presidential primary has focused on the super PAC ads run to tear down Mitt Romney's opponents and to boost his underfunded challengers. A list of the top five most aired political ads of the 2012 cycle by Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group, however, includes only one GOP candidate-linked super PAC ad.

The most aired political ads in 2011-2012 are, in ascending order of views, as follows:

5. Democratic National Committee - "14 Months" (4,387 airings)

4. Restore Our Future - "Values" (4,650 airings)

3. Mitt Romney - "Moral Responsibility" (5,006 airings)

2. Crossroads GPS - "Shovel Ready" (5,057 airings)

1. Barack Obama - "Unprecedented" (6,190 airings)

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