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Mitt Romney In Alabama: I'm 'Kinda' A Politician

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At a campaign stop in Birmingham, Ala., where Mitt Romney was attempting to woo Southern voters before next Tuesday's primary, the candidate gave a speech in which he positioned himself as a Beltway outsider.

Standard stuff for the GOP frontrunner -- except that this time, as CBS News reports, Romney didn't seem so sure about whether he is, in fact, a traditional politician after all.

His uncertainty came in the context of distinguishing himself from run-of-the-mill candidates. Romney said:

If I’m president, we’re going to cut federal spending, we’re going to cap federal spending, and we’re finally gonna have a balanced budget. And by the way, politicians always say that. But I’m not really a politician. I guess I kinda am, because I was governor for four years and I’ve run for office. But my heart is [that of] a conservative businessman.

Romney has frequently used the "Washington outsider" line to contrast himself with rival Rick Santorum, who served in the Senate for 12 years.


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