'My Crazy Obsession': Woman Trapped In A 1950s Bubble (VIDEO)

03/09/2012 04:22 pm ET

Loving vintage clothes and retro mod decor is one thing, but being obsessed with living your life exactly how someone would've in the 1950s is quite another.

Here's a sneak peek of an all-new episode of "My Crazy Obsession" (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. EST on TLC) which introduces us to Doris Mayday, a modern-day woman whose entire life is like a flashback to the '50s, with vintage clothing and furnishings, retro makeup, a classic car and etiquette from a distant decade. But the hardest thing about living in a '50s bubble is winter footwear.

"I'd rather get frostbite on my toes than wear some ugly, modern boot," Doris says, as she puts garbage bags over her adorable but seasonally inappropriate heels.

Her boyfriend loves her look, but admits that this might be taking things too far: "When she leaves the house with bags on her feet, it's embarrassing."

Watch to see Doris in action, and to hear why she's so stuck in the '50s.


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