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Romney Wins Guam Convention, Picks Up 9 Delegates

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TAMUNING, Guam -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked up nine more delegates, winning unanimous backing at the Republican convention on the U.S. territory of Guam.

Republicans on the tiny Pacific island decided to shun traditional paper ballots, and all 215 eligible to vote at the state convention backed Romney with a show of hands.

The Guam convention's co-chair, Jerry Crisostomo, says that while Guam's Republican National Convention delegates are technically uncommitted, all nine have pledged to vote for the candidate chosen at the state convention.

Romney's son Matt attended the event, which took place on Saturday in Guam. A day earlier, Matt Romney visited the neighboring Northern Mariana Islands. It too has nine delegates and Republicans are set to vote there this weekend as well.

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Mitt Romney wins Guam

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