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Kansas Caucus Results 2012 MAP (REAL-TIME DATA)

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This is where you'll find the results for the 2012 Kansas caucus.

According to HuffPost's Mark Blumenthal, no polling of likely caucus participants in the Sunflower State has been released publicly, but former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) is expected to win in Kansas.

"We have an opportunity to potentially narrow this race down so we can go one-on-one with Gov. Romney," Santorum told a crowd in Topeka on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Once that happens, the conservative will be nominated."


Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, won the 2008 GOP primary in Kansas, according to The New York Times. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) came in third with 11.2 percent of the vote while Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and current GOP frontrunner, finished fourth with only 3.3 percent of the vote.

There are 40 delegates up for grabs in Kansas.

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Delegate allocations are tentative and might be adjusted later. Credits: Jay Boice, Aaron Bycoffe, Daniel Lee and Christian Rocha.


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  Obama Romney
Obama Romney
332 206
Obama leading
Obama won
Romney leading
Romney won
Popular Vote
33 out of 100 seats are up for election. 51 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats* Republicans
Current Senate 53 47
Seats gained or lost +2 -2
New Total 55 45
* Includes two independent senators expected to caucus with the Democrats: Angus King (Maine) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.).
All 435 seats are up for election. 218 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats Republicans
Seats won 201 234
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