03/13/2012 01:14 pm ET

JaVale McGee Hit In Face During Wizards-Spurs Game (VIDEO)

The latest installment in Wizards fails features, you guessed it, JaVale McGee. On Monday night, the Washington center was involved in yet another embarrassing (and hilarious) moment during a fast break against the San Antonio Spurs.

Washington turned a Spurs turnover into a fast break as John Wall caught an outlet pass at half court. The Wizards' point guard immediately passed it to McGee, who was cutting through the lane toward the basket. But McGee, as he has done before, was not paying attention as the ball nailed him directly in the face.

The Spurs recovered the ball, but in a wild sequence, they turned it over again. Wizards rookie Jan Vesely then found McGee still hanging out down court for the two-handed dunk.

The Wizards, of course, fell to the Spurs 112-97.



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