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Newt Gingrich Birmingham Zoo Trip Cancelled Due To Weather

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A particularly sad press release was sent out by the Newt Gingrich campaign on Tuesday morning: "Weather Report Leads to Zoo Trip Cancellation."

Gingrich was scheduled to visit the zoo in Birmingham, Ala. at 2:15 p.m., as he campaigns in the state ahead of Tuesday's primary election.

According to the campaign's press release, the outing was cancelled "as a precaution after reviewing weather reports." (, however, predicts Birmingham will be 74 degrees with a 10 percent chance of precipitation at 2:00.)

The zoo may seem like an odd election-day stop for a presidential candidate, but Gingrich is a long-time animal- and zoo-lover.

As a young boy in Pennsylvania, Gingrich went to the city hall in Harrisburg and told the council that the city needed a zoo. His efforts weren't successful, but that day, according to the Washington Post, "a political activist and agent of change was born."

Last year, while the other candidates were preparing for a debate in Iowa, Gingrich instead went and visited an 85-year-old tortoise at the Des Moines zoo.

While on the West Coast last month, meanwhile, Gingrich made an unscheduled stop at the famous San Diego Zoo and visited a panda.

Some of Gingrich's moments with animals:

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