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Goldman Executive Blasts Firm: Good Call?

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Greg Smith, a now former executive at Goldman Sachs, set off a firestorm Wednesday morning when he submitted his resignation to the notorious investment bank via an op-ed in The New York Times.

Smith accused the bank's executives of eroding the firm's client-focused culture in favor of making as much money as possible, even it if came at the clients' expense. He called the firm’s environment "toxic" and said he couldn’t look interns in the eye anymore and tell them that Goldman is a great place to work.

The bank, synonymous for many with all that's wrong with Wall Street, responded to the letter, saying that it doesn't reflect the way the firm does business. In addition, some anonymous sources familiar with the matter suggested to the Wall Street Journal that Smith's small bonus was a point of friction.

We want to know if Smith's sentiments speak to the truth. Do you work in finance and agree with Smith's letter? Or does it not jive with what you've experienced? Let our Wall Street reporter David Levine know by emailing

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