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Hawaii Caucus 2012 Results Map: Voting Updates From The Aloha State (REAL-TIME DATA)

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The 2012 Republican caucuses are a first for Hawaii, as Republican voters in the island state will play a role in choosing the delegates sent to national convention in a process unlike years past.

Previously, Hawaiian officials chose which delegates were sent to the convention, according to Fox News. The new caucus process allows voters to chose the delegates, though the state is not a winner-take-all scenario. How many of the 17 delegates available are sent to represent each potential presidential candidate depends on the percentage of votes they garner.

The state GOP is also allowing voters to register on the spot, in order to boost the potential turnout.

In all, Hawaii has 20 delegates that will go towards deciding a GOP nominee. However, according to KITV, three of those delegates are considered "superdelegates" who will be able to cast their vote at the convention for whoever they want.

While none of the delegates have spent time there in the days leading up to the caucus, all but Gingrich have sent family representatives in recent days, according to Fox News. Gingrich and his wife did visit the Aloha state late last year.

As for a likely victor, Mitt Romney would love to sweep up the state, having won in Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands this past weekend. However, Ron Paul has raised more money in the area than any other candidate, according to PolicyMic, and could get the first full win he has been in need of.

For complete coverage of Tuesday's primary and caucus events, be sure to check out our liveblog.

The map below, which is updated automatically every five seconds, features county-by-county data from The Associated Press.

Alabama Primary

Mississippi Primary

Hawaii Caucus

Map credits: Jay Boice, Aaron Bycoffe, Daniel Lee, Christian Rocha and Andrei Scheinkman. Data provided by the Associated Press.

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