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Mitt Romney Releases Spanish Radio Ad Ahead Of Puerto Rico Primary

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Mitt Romney's campaign released a new Spanish-language radio ad Wednesday ahead of Puerto Rico's GOP primary on Sunday. The commercial features son Craig Romney and Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño (R) praising Mitt Romney's job-creation plans and ability to help the island's economy.

Watch the ad:

Here's a translation, per Time magazine:

CRAIG ROMNEY: "I am Craig Romney. The United States represents liberty, opportunity, where anything is possible. My father, Mitt Romney, believes in those values because he has lived them. He has a plan to create jobs. And, together with the leaders of Puerto Rico, will fight to get the economy of the 'island of enchantment' going again. That is why Governor Luis Fortuño is supporting my father, Mitt Romney, to be our Republican nominee for President of the United States."
GOVERNOR LUIS FORTUÑO: "Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a history of economic growth and job creation like what we have started in Puerto Rico. Romney is committed to include the island in his plan to create jobs. On Sunday, get out and vote in the Republican primary for Mitt Romney."
MITT ROMNEY: "I am Mitt Romney and I approve this message. Thank you very much."

The commercial shares some of the wording of an earlier Spanish-language ad, also narrated by Craig Romney, released during the Florida primary.

Rick Santorum, who's spent the past few days stumping in Puerto Rico, took a different campaign approach, saying Wednesday that English must be the commonwealth's principal language for it to gain statehood. He has since clarified that statement, according to The New York Times, calling English "the language of opportunity" and saying that he expected most parents would want their children to learn it.

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