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Leaders Making Controversial Comments About Latinos (VIDEO)

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During this campaign period one thing has become evident: GOP candidates are fighting for the Latino vote. But it seems some candidates didn't get the memo that tossing around offensive phrases may alienate the Latino voter.

From Romney's "self-deportation" comment to Herman Cain calling the Spanish language, "Cuban" , the controversial statements made in regards to Latinos have been rampant.

But saying headline-grabbing things about Latinos is not unique to this election (although it seems to have reached new levels).

Some news anchors and political leaders have little censorship when it comes to talking about Latinos in the U.S.

From calling Spanish "the language of living in the ghetto" or saying that "undocumented immigrants multiply like rats", the controversial comments are plentiful. And we're sure there will be more to come.

Check Out Some Of These Leaders' Controversial Comments About Latinos:

Pols Say The Darndest Things About Latinos
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