03/19/2012 12:48 pm ET | Updated Mar 19, 2012

Starbucks' New Evolution Juice Bar Misspells 'Vegetables'

Starbucks is opening its first ever juice bar. It's the company's biggest move outside of coffee and has the potential to spread the juice gospel fairly far and wide.

But the company might have a few small kinks it still needs to work out. One of the images that Starbucks is using to promote the Evolution Fresh juice bar has a sign that reads "Most fruits and vegatables [sic] are: fat and cholesterol free." That's right folks -- the giant sign spells "vegetables" incorrectly. Luckily, poor spelling doesn't have to correlate with juice quality.

[Via: Raphael Brion, Twitter]


UPDATE: Starbucks has now removed the promo shot with the misspelling from its multimedia gallery for press. (3-19-12, 6:19pm EST)