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Celebrity Look-Alikes: Amanda Seyfried, AnnaSophia Robb, Dakota Fanning (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 03/20/2012 5:50 pm Updated: 03/20/2012 5:50 pm

What do Amanda Seyfried, AnnaSophia Robb and Dakota Fanning have in common? Their dating histories don't intertwine, they corner very different niches of the entertainment market and their ages span eight years -- this isn't the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," but this threesome seems to share more than a few pairs of genes.

With long yellow hair, big eyes and fair skin, these ladies keep the paparazzi on their toes, guessing who's who.

But Amanda, AnnaSophia and Dakota aren't the only ones who have doppelgangers among the celebrity set. From Nina Dobrev, Victoria Justice and Emmanuelle Chriqui to Benicio Del Toro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem, Hollywood certainly has its types.

Check out all of the celebrity doppelgangers below. Any look-alikes you've spotted that haven't made our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Linda Cardellini And Ellen Page

  • Kristen Stewart And Teresa Palmer

  • Jennifer Connelly And Lily Collins

  • Ellen DeGeneres And Edie Falco

  • Lucy Hale And Selena Gomez

  • Amanda Peet And Lake Bell

  • Leighton Meester And Minka Kelly

  • Stephen Colbert And Bob Saget

  • Ian Somerhalder And Rob Lowe

  • Amanda Seyfried, AnnaSophia Robb, Dakota Fanning

  • Nina Dobrev, Victoria Justice, Emmanuelle Chriqui

  • Winona Ryder, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman

  • Benicio Del Toro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Javier Bardem

  • Kim Kardashian, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicole Scherzinger

  • America Ferrera, Jordin Sparks, Sara Ramirez

  • Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Lily Allen

  • Elijah Wood, Daniel Radcliffe, Tobey Maguire

  • Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Marion Cotillard

  • Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Nadya Suleman

  • Ryan Phillippe, Justin Timberlake, Matthew Morrison

  • Vanessa Marcil, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian

  • Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Banks, Julie Bowen

  • Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Hendricks

  • Heather Morris, Kesha, Ari Graynor

  • Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Joanna Garcia

  • Scarlett Johansson And Amber Heard

  • Olivia Munn And Hope Solo

  • Johnny Knoxville And Josh Duhamel

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