Giant Shredder Destroys Car During 'Shred Of The Month' (VIDEO)

03/21/2012 04:04 pm ET | Updated Mar 21, 2012

On its Web site, SSI Shredding Systems says it "extends the limits of shredding applications." The Wilsonville, Ore.-based business just put its money where its mouth is -- by shredding a car.

SSI's latest video in a series it produces called "Shred of the Month" depicts a 1974 VW Beetle being literally swallowed whole and spit out by one of SSI's most powerful shredders, the PRI-MAX Primary Reducer. (Hat-tip: Wired.)

This beast can shred up to 150 tons an hour. Usually, those tons are construction scraps. But in the video above, it's the ride of a brazen hippie who has parked in the boss's spot one too many times.

For more entertaining shredding clips from SSI, click here. And remember: even businesses as mundane as construction demolition firms can spice up their products with a little hippie-bashing.

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