Men apparently think about sex 19 times a day -- or about once every hour and a half. But what do men’s sex lives look like outside of their own heads? That’s exactly what Esquire sought to discover in its “Sex and the American Man” survey.

The magazine randomly selected 522 men across the country of all ages, marital statuses, sexual identities and ethnic backgrounds to participate. Esquire asked these men about their most intimate sexual desires and habits, as well as their beliefs about monogamy, sexual identity and pornography. And while some of the results were less than surprising -- a lot of men wouldn't mind sleeping with Mila Kunis! -- others were pretty surprising. We rounded up 11 of the most interesting findings below -- for more, see the full survey results in the April issue of Esquire, on stands now.

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Married Men Are Happier With Their Sex Lives Than Singles
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Sixty-six percent of married men reported being satisfied with their sex lives, while only 47 percent of single men did. While this defies the "sexless marriage" stereotype, these stats also could be a byproduct of the frustrating sexual experiences that tend to accompany casual dating.