Mick Pennisi Flop: Philippine Basketball Association Player Falls Down Late (VIDEO)

03/22/2012 08:25 am ET

We've seen some pretty bad flops in basketball throughout the years (See: Chris Bosh), but this one takes the cake.

During a Philippine Basketball Association game on Wednesday, things were getting a little too physical between Barako's Mick Pennisi and Petron's Will McDonald. McDonald, who was on offense battling for position down low, eventually got tired of it, got the ball in the paint and threw it at Pennisi's head.

Pennisi had somewhat of a delayed reaction, waited a split second and then made one of the greatest flops in basketball history. Perhaps he was taken by surprise when McDonald lost his temper. But if this were to happen in the NBA, Jeff Van Gundy would probably try to get him thrown out of the league.

McDonald was given a flagrant foul and ejected from the game as the Barako Bull won 94-80. Following the win, Pennisi joked about the flop and the ejection.

"I think I'm going into acting after my PBA career is over,"
he said.



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